Rockcliffe Park Public School

RPPS is a junior kindergarten to grade 6, dual track (english or early french immersion) elementary school located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

350 Buena Vista Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 1C1

2013/2014 Communications



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Staff Listing 2013/2014

This list was updated in June 2013 and is subject to change without notice.



Tena McGean JK/SK
Jane Baron Grade 1/2
Melissa Grant Grade 2/3 ETFI
Katharyn Buck Grade 3/4 ETFI
Ruth Cooper Grade 3/4
Rob Hamm Grade 5/6
Sheryl King Grade 5/6 ETFI

Learning Support & ESL

Christina Hawley
Clode Deschamps

Early French Immersion

Chantal Goyette SK
Linda McGowan Grade 1
Normand Gaudreault Grade 1/2
Amy Young Grade 1/2
Fatma Boughanmi/Jessica Currie Grade 2
Sylvie Quessy/Jessica Currie Grade 2/3
Tania Lemieux/Jessica Currie Grade 3
Emilie Montgrain/Jessica Currie Grade 3/4
Julie Miville-Dechene/Katharyn Buck Grade 4
Melissa Skaff/Alex Alexopoulos Grade 4/5
Amber Clement/Alex Alexopoulos Grade 5
Alain Bérubé/Sarah Lines Grade 5/6
Amber Clement/Sarah Lines Grade 6